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Les petits déjeuners et les repas

The breakfasts  


Every morning the Café de la Placette comes alive: coffee, tea, milk chocolate, fruit juice, homemade yoghurts or fromage blanc and local honey, fruit salad or smoothie... Let yourself be tempted by an assortment of delicious homemade jams according to the season and the inspiration of the day. The bread is fresh and the pastries come out of the oven!

Sit on one of the tables in the café de la Placette or prefer to choose a table outside near the pool. If it's cool you can also sit in the dining room with a good wood fire.

Breakfast is included in the room rate .

Boards  dinners

Every evening, we treat you to gourmet dinner plates with flavors from the Tarn and Aveyron, to accompany the good bottles from the surrounding vineyards.  We compose them according to the seasons of fresh, authentic products  selected from our local producers.  

The Tarn, land of charcuterie and salting, offers us in particular ham and sausage from Lacaune , without forgetting the blood sausage Galabart.

Aveyron, where the tradition of pork is ancient, is not to be outdone with ham, dry sausage and pâté fricandeau.

The Roquefort of Aveyron is well known but the Tarn is also a country of cheeses. There are many dairy farmers and cheese makers around us. An assortment is offered on the board.


We add some seasonal raw vegetables and homemade tapas.

The dinner boards are at the price of 25 € per person  by reservation at least 24 hours in advance



Planches dinatoires gourmandes : 45 € pour deux personnes / 25 €  pour une personne (sur réservation au minimum 24 heures à l'avance).

Planches gourmandes au foie gras : 60 € pour deux personnes (sur réservation au minimum 24 heures à l'avance).

Hors saison, nous servons des repas composés d'une entrée , un plat et un dessert, au tarif de 25 € par personne, sur réservation.

Planche dinatoire
Planche dinatoire
Planches dinatoires au café de la Placette
Planche dinatoire
Planche dinatoire
Planche dinatoire

Cold drinks and ice cream

Fruit juices, mineral water, sodas and beers are freely available throughout the day.

Place your token in the basket corresponding to your accommodation to count your consumption!

Prices: €2.

Local products for sale (beers, wines, etc.) on request.

Mojitos frais
Crème et Scoops Ice

Picnic baskets


During your stay, we offer picnic baskets.

Go for a walk to discover the Tarn, or hike without worrying about your meal. It will be prepared by us.

(Meal with drinks)

Prices: 12€ per person.

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